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We should find a way of catching up, talking some more :) The website I've been spending most time on lately is my Minecraft server (see link in the signature).

Looks like you updated the home page. Looks good.

Hope everything goes well with your studies!


Yeah, it's been a darn good while… Uni has been keeping me away from all of this AND my passion for arranging videogame music. I do *secretly* upload them all to this site so people can download them, so it has an invaluable use still. ;)

I looked at the home page and died when I saw the RPG 4… I had to change it. :P Well, I'll see if I can change that right now or sometime soon so it's at least up-to-date in that sense.

Great to hear from you, by the way! How's all your other sites going? :)

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It's been so long since the home page has been updated! :) Just saw your edit earlier today.

Haven't spoken to you in a long time, either.

The game has been released now, and the box art is available! :D Should maybe update it.

seth (guest) 27 Jul 2012 21:02
in discussion Main / General Discussion » Mario & Luigi RPG 4 ideas

cool but no toad he sucks

by seth (guest), 27 Jul 2012 21:02
seth (guest) 27 Jul 2012 21:01
in discussion Main / General Discussion » Mario & Luigi RPG 4 ideas

good idea but bowser as a playable character just dosen't seem right. maybe on wii there could be 4 player play. it would be cool right

by seth (guest), 27 Jul 2012 21:01
Dawsomite (guest) 28 May 2012 02:00
in discussion Main / General Discussion » Mario & Luigi RPG 4 ideas

I was thinking maybe Mario,Luigi,Peach and 1 other must keep Bowser from taking control of all reality by Reviving the Dark Star, Going back in time to steal the Cobalt Star, Going into the BeanBean Kingdom and taking the Bean Star, and stealing a Grand Star from Rosalina. Dark Star = Destruction, Bean Star = Creation, Cobalt Star = Time, Grand Star = Space.

by Dawsomite (guest), 28 May 2012 02:00
hosemisnuba (guest) 26 Dec 2011 21:19
in discussion Main / General Discussion » Mario & Luigi RPG 4 ideas

The Toads former appearance thousands of years ago was far more warlike and savage. They where a nomadic monstrous tribe who traveled around the Mushroom World in search of food, land, and war. The Fungtio's (dimentio's species) where already an advanced civilization, far more technologically endowed than the Toads. The Fungtio's empire was a diplomatic one. They did not gain land by belligerence, rather by peaceful circumstance. When the Toads came to the Fungtio's kingdom, they felt sympathy for bumbling Toads. Rather than oppressing them like others would, they gave them much of their technology. Though the savage Toads became more civilized by this,they grew hungry for more power. Though they new the Fungtio's were more advanced, they had their eyes set on the Fungtio's land. To ensure their dominance, they sent a spy over to the main city of their enemies. It is their, they discovered the transmogrigator, a machine that could morph the genetic makeup of a species anyway the user wanted. Not long after, the Toad's assaulted all of the cities, destroying their building and changing their inhabitants into what are now known as Goomba. Mycio, Dimentio and Xyz's original form was the only one who survived the attack, the rest of the population either became slaves or were killed with one smash by the savage Toad's. Mycio, who had just snuck into the technological center piece as forementioned survived. After finding a way out, he discovered thee fate of his species. Rather than turn himself in to the Toad he began to live in the technological centerpiece area of his civilization. Mycio discovered a way to free his people from the Toad's rule in the centerpiece. Go to the celestial void and gain infinite power. The above forementioned events occurred. The Goomba race escaped the oppression of the Toad in rebellion with the help of the similarily oppressed Koopa's easily because the Toad's had diverted to their present form without anything to fight. The Goomba live with the Koopa on their own land and become oppressed again. Dimentio (who had split) orchestrates all of the events of the first three Mario and Luigi games. None of them lead to the liberty or indignification of the Goomba's. More to be told

by hosemisnuba (guest), 26 Dec 2011 21:19
hosemisnuba (guest) 26 Dec 2011 20:50
in discussion Main / General Discussion » Mario & Luigi RPG 4 ideas

Dimentio is a perfectly good character to elaborate upon and in my opinion, far more mysterious the Rosalina. In my vision, Dimentio half of the final member of the Goomba when they had a more advanced civilization and form. Xyz, the second playable character is the other half. Dimentio did indeed survive the final fight with Paper Mario, but he had to warp to the Mario and Luigi dimension to survive. Dimentio is in fact not even of the Paper Mario universe, rather the Mario and Luigi one. His appearance in the story is suitable because the existence of the Celestial Void. It is the center of creation and functions the universe. It also the area where you warp dimension. Dimentio's goal in Paper Mario was to access the Celestial Void again. This would allow him to reach his goal of reviving the deficient Goomba into their former state. It would also allow him to obliterate the Toads, his former oppressors once and for all. Please understand that this vision of Dimentio sees him as a Mario and Luigi Character who was first seen in the Paper Mario World. Dimentio deserves more elaboration, and I see this as a way to make him a character not sought on world domination, but destruction of the Toad people who oppressed his people under a harsh rule and changing them to to the savage Goomba. Thank you.

by hosemisnuba (guest), 26 Dec 2011 20:50
Ater (guest) 09 Dec 2011 00:03
in discussion Main / General Discussion » Mario & Luigi RPG 4 ideas

Oh! And mabie (for the time being…) cackleta,fawful, and mid bus will help Mario and luigi…. Like make it so starlo can control certain people, and stuffwell can hack machines and fire layzers and stuff, however I would like to see the return of being able to switch between Mario as character a and luigi as b, to luigi as a and Mario as a…. Same applies to stuff. And starlo. Bowser can like come up in the koopa cruiser and freaken dominate the shroobs and mabie the last level could be sending the crew back in time to stop babybowser from saving the shroobs…. Cool! and By the way can anyone picture egad in 3d with the cacketa horn-things? Lol….

by Ater (guest), 09 Dec 2011 00:03
Ater (guest) 09 Oct 2011 13:17
in discussion Main / General Discussion » Mario & Luigi RPG 4 ideas

@hosemisnuba: Dude on top of NO HE CANT! you forget that diminto is, ahem, DEAD! No even he could come back from the grave! Or do you just not know he's dead, awww can teh widdle buby not make it through super paper mario…. now ill say this again:good story, use different (freiken) CHARACTERS! Like instead of xnaughts, use rosilina shes a pretty expandible character, and instead of diminto use pople or midbus or even BUBBLES! Just realise the laws of vidiogames people!

by Ater (guest), 09 Oct 2011 13:17
Ater (guest) 09 Oct 2011 13:04
in discussion Main / General Discussion » Mario & Luigi RPG 4 ideas

SORRY that "people" is soposed to be pople

by Ater (guest), 09 Oct 2011 13:04
Ater (guest) 09 Oct 2011 13:03
in discussion Main / General Discussion » Mario & Luigi RPG 4 ideas

0_0 YES! Finally! Sombody with an exeptible storyline! This is GOLD people! Plus the return of STUFFWELL! AND CAKLETTA! Wow the only thing that could make this better is that it turns out midbus had joined pople! (sorry i <3 people) Yes! 9.9 on the Ater Scale! no…no… ITS OVER 9000!

by Ater (guest), 09 Oct 2011 13:03
thepro (guest) 27 Sep 2011 17:52
in discussion Main / General Discussion » Mario & Luigi RPG 4 ideas

starlow and the suitcase thing(forgot its name)should be playble it should start out with e gadd accidently reviving cakletta then cackletta posseses e gadd then revives fawful+midbus then she frees the shroobs and brainwashes them to serve her but the shroobs dont get brainwashed but act like they they then help cakletta,fawful,and midbus take over the world but when they do the shroobs kill cakeletta fawful and midbus then they kill mario and co. but then bowser revives them and they premantantly defeat the shroobs

by thepro (guest), 27 Sep 2011 17:52
AntiAntiGuy (guest) 23 Sep 2011 00:42
in discussion Main / General Discussion » Mario & Luigi RPG 4 ideas

I would like to see the Shroobs return. It make sense for them to come back as M&L BIS proved that the Shroobs survived M&L PiT when the bros fight them in Bowsers Cold Room (optional boss). Yes the Shroobs survived, but they were frozen. Even Princess Shroob (both) survived as you can see them in the background when fighting the 3 Shroobs. Don't know how they survived as they both exploded but, Nintendo Logic, never makes sense.

Maybe some unknown villan breaks into Bowser's Cold Room and frees all the remaining Shroobs so that they can make chaos again in the present Mushroom Kingdom. Don't know who the "unknown villan" will be though, maybe Fawful (unlikely, he really did explode), or Grodus (HIGHLY unlikely), or maybe even a new character.

by AntiAntiGuy (guest), 23 Sep 2011 00:42
fingerzfingerz 04 Sep 2011 21:41
in discussion Main / General Discussion » Mario & Luigi RPG 4 ideas

Very nice! Can't wait for more! :D

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by fingerzfingerz, 04 Sep 2011 21:41
hosemisnuba (guest) 04 Sep 2011 05:16
in discussion Main / General Discussion » Mario & Luigi RPG 4 ideas

Boss Explanations

Prince and Princess 'Peach' Shroob: The primary antagonist of the first section of the game that involves primarily Mushroom Kingdom and the Celestial Void. When Mario and Xyz finally reach Toad Town they discover that all of the Toad are now monsters, and that Shroobs and oddly Goomba rules the village as there main operating base. When Mario and Xyz make it to the central part of Peaches Castle, they find that the Shroobs have changed the castle garden into a large colliseum. It is in this colliseum that Mario and Xyz find Peach giving a rally speech to the shroobs, shocked by this, Mario and Xyz approach Peach they find that Prince Shroob had given Princess Peach Princess Shroobs soul so that the duo could. A battle between the shroobish princess in peaches body commences between her and the mario duo as she skillfully use Peaches powerful emotion abilities to try to conquer them. When this fails she attempt to have the duo destroyed, but they dissapear before this can happen. They fled to the shroobish satellite so they could return to their home planet, mario and xyz find themselves in the sattelite and eventually have there first battle with Battleshroob. This ends the first part after there victory over the space general.

Bowser's Castle: Bowser
Phyzitorium: Phydoz
Bowser's Castle: Bowser, King Goom & Queen Shroobet
River of Dead: Handseye
Yoshi's Island: Captain Yoobz & Y-Rex
Hall of Holes: Werm

Dimentio: He was sent to the Mario and Luigi Universe after his defeat in Super Paper Mario and serves as a secondary antagonist in one of the many sections of the game. During the time he causes trouble for Mario and Xyz, he sends the duo off to the morphed XY Base before they have to race him down only to challenge them so they can return to the Celestial Void.

XY Base: Zun-gaj-mag-nuj, Sir Gro-baj

Dimentious: Dimentio

To be continued…..

by hosemisnuba (guest), 04 Sep 2011 05:16
hosemisnuba (guest) 04 Sep 2011 04:37
in discussion Main / General Discussion » Mario & Luigi RPG 4 ideas

for the record x nauts and dimentio have a purpose in the game. esp. dimentio. when you are sent of to several unrelated planets dimentio is the boss that must be fought to bring you back to the celestial void. Also dimentio's finds domain on his wacky planet after his defeat in super paper mario. X nauts exist as they are already aliens in the marioverse (everything that exist in mario world, it should be noted that mario and luigi's house in both mario and luigi and paper mario are extremeley similar and therefore it could be hypothesized that paper mario exist in the same world as the mario and luigi series, and also I love dimentio he is almost as awesome as fawful) Even if you are right about the dimension thing couldnt it be possible that at least dimentio could reappear as he can switch dimensions. I believe they are needed because of the space aspect of the game, also I find it interesting to have the x-nauts and shroobs be rival cultures. This is the reason why I believe both characters groups should exist in the game. I understand why you are bothered by by the luigi and xyz thing, xyz could be luigi's light side or something, but the his main point would be to introduce new methods for puzzle solving and very interesting and difficult attacks where he uses mario as different objects: et citera). You need to realize that all these ideas come from manipulative imagination and this means new plot points to mario series must be introduced. I will write and edited version below this to meet your desires ater.

by hosemisnuba (guest), 04 Sep 2011 04:37
Ater (guest) 03 Sep 2011 16:42
in discussion Main / General Discussion » Mario & Luigi RPG 4 ideas

honestly i agree, i want this to become a game… however guess what:x naughts and dimento are PAPER MARIO GAMES! 4 the last time Paper mario is a compleatly different universe than mario and luigi games! but yes exelent storyline the only problemb i have is luigi not being luigi, you should make the shapeshiffter the x and y caracter, but still AMAZING! storyline 8.9 on the ater scale and if u look at my earlier post im very strict when i comes to epic games like this ;) keep it up!

by Ater (guest), 03 Sep 2011 16:42
fingerzfingerz 04 Aug 2011 01:45
in discussion Main / General Discussion » Mario & Luigi RPG 4 ideas

That is epic. I wish they made that as a game! :D

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by fingerzfingerz, 04 Aug 2011 01:45
Hose Misnuba (guest) 04 Aug 2011 00:04
in discussion Main / General Discussion » Mario & Luigi RPG 4 ideas

Worlds: Mushroom World, The people of Mushroom Kingdom have been changed into monsters by the Shroobs (This includes Princess Peach), Shroobs have also conquered Kong Island, putting a once insignificant Kremling known as Kremperor in charge, Bowser's Castle is dominated by the Goomba People and there shroob counterpart, Shrooblets, and A Space Station Orbit the Mushroom World, Celestial Void, the place that is eventually revealed to be the home of the universal creators, the omniscibeings, it is composed of the lairs of each omniscibeings, it contains portal known as worm holes in one section which are used to travel to other parts of the Universe by more intelligent beings. It consist of the Quarry of Phyz, The Abyz, The Hall of Holz, The River of Solz, The Domain of Bioz, The Celestial Core, Archeasphere, and the Cave of Chemz, the Celestial Void is the main hub of the adventure, The Shroob Planet, the true home planet of the shroobs, despite the nature of the shroobish people, the planet is anything but barren, having many ecosystems and other zones, Other World, these worlds are usually gotten to by accident, they include many random planets including Nauts-6, Home of the X-Nauts, Dimentious, The New Home of the Defeated Dimention

Main Protagonist and Controllable Characters: Mario, the mute hero of Mushroom Kingdom is sent to the mysterious dimension known as the celestial void and must find his way use the worm holes in void to travel to several regions of the galaxy and confront the shroobs to save his galaxy and the entire universe from being crushed under the might the Shroobish Empire and their secret leader Battle Shroob/Goomsos, Yias, a amnesia stricken being composed of energy, who takes the place of Luigi in Mario's Journey, he has the ability to change forms, but generally takes the shape of Luigi to benefit Mario in his quest, later in the game the player finds who and what he really is, Omniscibeings, Werm, Verz, Bioz, Phyz, Anomalus, Solz, Chemz, and the Yin aspect all help Mario and Yias in there quest, near the end of the game, you most fight each in combat, and once you beat the game after you defeat all the X bosses in a challenge node like area, the ultimate boss can be fought

Main Antagonist: Shroobs (Battle Shroob [who is really is/controlled by Goomsos, leader of the ancient Goomba rebellion against the ancient Mushroom Kingdom, creator of the Dark Star, Teacher of Cackletta, and Possessor of the Yang Aspect of the Celestial Core in the Celestial Void, He desires to use the Shroob's to retake the Mushroom World for the Goombas, He also desire to use Luigi's Dark Side to Completely control the Yang Aspect (He is seen most of the time as Battle Shroob)], King Shroob, gullible leader of the shroobs, his advisor, Battle Shroob uses him as a figure head to dominate the Mushroom World, using the Shroob fleet inside Bowser's Castle and his own massive army of Shroobs, he conquers Mushroom Kingdom for his late daughters and then resides inside Castle Shroob for the rest of the game

Bosses: One Time Bosses (Shritan, Shroob Orchestra, Peach, Sir Grodus, Magnus 3.0, King Otgo, Pirahnisas Planet (Fought By Giant Bowser who finds himself on the Planet), Giga Piranah Plant, Dimentio, Anshroid, Shrooboid Miner, Bioz, Chemz, Solz, Verz, Phyz, Luigi's Soul, Goomsos, Yangsos, Luisos, Prince & Princess Shroob, King Shroob & Battle Shroob, Cryoshroob, Flema and Cicl, Shrog & Agrishroob, X-Naut Agent, Admiral Shroob, Aero Shroob, Shrowser (The Only Fight Bowser Has In His Small Form), Fawful & Cackletta (Optional), King Goom & Queen Shroobet), Recurring (Kremperor (2 Times), Battle Shroob (About 4 Times), Werm (3 Times), Anomalus (8 Times), Bowser (Unknown Amount of Times)

This is my idea. Sorry if may seem difficult to read, I just typed it down and didn't even try to read it. It may seem random but it would entertain me.

by Hose Misnuba (guest), 04 Aug 2011 00:04
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