NEW Super Mario Bros. DS (USA)

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New Super Mario Bros. DS Walkthrough

In this exciting "remake" of the original 80s game of Mario bros., the game work starts as Mario is walking with Princess Peach through the Mushroom Kingdom, until Bowser Jr. kidnapps Princess Peach! It is up to Mario to rescue the princess from the clutches of this junior version of Bowser, and so our adventure begins…

The Goal

to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser Jr. by going through all 8 worlds, each with a ghost house, minor castle (some worlds with two of these), and main castle. The final world, world 8, has Bowser's castle at the end.

The Point of this Walkthrough

as through going through this walkthrough, my main goal is to successfully help you find all the star coins.

Star Coins?

There are three star coins in every level, and one of the side objectives, as you go through all the levels, are to collect them.


Sometimes you can unlock new paths in the game with these star coins, and sometimes unlock toad houses, which can be useful during the game. There's also a special prize if you collect them all. :)

All right! Let's get started!

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