The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

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Triforce Explanation: There's Order, Chaos and Harmony…Order is Zelda and her Royal right to rule over Hyrule…Chaos is Gannondorf's unsettlement and ever lasting desire for more power… the Harmony (between Order and Chaos) is achieved trough the hero's quest, that is named "Link" not by mere chance. You can also easily relate the Triforce attributes (wisdom, strength and courage) with this theory. You can see that it is not only the basis of the Universe in Zelda mythology, but the basis of the plot…as the Triforce ultimately represents the connection between this two extremes, that are Order and Chaos, it's reasonable that the hero's quests ends with him finding the sacred relic.

Farore is the goddess of courage that made all living things, plants, animals, etc, Din is the goddess of power that made land, mountains, etc, and Nayru is the goddess of wisdom which made all the oceans, after they created everything, they fused together to form the triforce, and yes, Link represents courage, Ganondorf represents power, and Zelda represents wisdom

To be continued…

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